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Jihadism will Dominate - The Supremacist Threat to Buddhism

Islam will dominate!

“Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other faith,
but to become dominant."
- Council on American Islamic Relations

From Islam's War Against Buddhism:

"I feel, through my direct experiences of it, that Islam has not changed its ways in the least. In fact it has become more aggressive now than at any time since its period of greatest expansion in the 900s to the 1200s.

“Modern” Islam seeks to return humanity to those very same times – a revival of the dark ages of Islamic slaughter, mayhem, and pillage – all in the name of Allah.

We Buddhists must realize that we, and our cherished practices, would be swept away entirely and crushed utterly, should Islam ever gain ascendancy in this world in which we live. Islam is the only belief that propagates itself thus – by the sword

And it is very patient."

Global Jihad
Although the principal targets of the current wave of terrorism are primarily Jews and Christians, Buddhists are also victims of jihad, and historically have suffered far worse casualities than any other faith. 

Whereas Jews and Christians may be allowed to live under Islam as 'dhimmis' paying protection money ('jizya'), no such option is available to Buddhists and other 'idolatoers' such as Yazidis.  Islam is theologically committed to the the extermination of Buddhist men and the rape of Buddhist women and children.

  History of jihad against Buddhists

Destruction of Nalanda
"After the second battle of Tarain in 1192 when the forces of Islam were victorius there was nothing to keep them from invading the so-called Middle Land where Nalanda was located. In 1193 Mohammad Bakhtyar and his armies swept across the Gangetic Plain destroying all Buddhistic temples and institution he found and killing all Buddhist monks who fell into his hands. Nalanda was almost completely plundered, but a few monks who had managed to survive the onslaught returned and attempted to revive the institution. A second attack by the Moslems followed and this time Nalanda was destroyed for good. The abandoned ruins of the once great monastery slowly crumbled into dust, only to be restored, at least in part, in the twentieth century."

More on the destruction of Nalanda  HERE

Islam will dominate the world
The Buddha Meets Holger Danske
" Almost all the harm inflicted upon Buddhism throughout history has been caused by Islam, says Ole Nydahl. He finds it embarrassing that Buddhists never defended themselves. Muslim extremists now threaten Buddhists with renewed violence.

"...According to a report dated April 4th. 2007 from the internet portal Asia News the Islamic extremist group Lashkar-e-Toiba, located in the Pakistan-dominated part of Kashmir, issued threats against expatriate leader of Tibetan Buddhism, the Dalai Lama. Lashkar-e-Toiba is among the most powerful Islamic groups in Southeast Asia. It has been connected with several deadly onslaughts throughout India and is allegedly connected to Al-Qaeda.

The threats against the Dalai Lama were surprising because the prominent Buddhist leader on several occasions praised Islam as being a peaceful religion.

The Dharamsala Police in Northern India, where the Dalai Lama lives, take the threats seriously and have enhanced their security precautions.

Those threats are in accordance with the anti-Buddhist campaign mentioned by Osama bin Laden in his speech on the Arabic TV network Al-Jazeera on April 23, 2006. Besides the usual threats against “crusaders”, countries supporting Denmark in its conflict over the Mohammed cartoons, the United Nations, etc., his message contained a specific reference to Buddhists. It was delivered when he spoke about the UN Security Council which Osama bin Laden accused of excluding Islamic nations all the while granting the rights of veto to “Crusaders of the world and Buddhist pagans.”

Islam will dominate America

Extermination of 10 million Buddhists along the Silk Road
"The first Western Buddhists were the Greeks descended from Alexander the Great’s army in what is now Afghanistan. Jihad destroyed all Buddhism along the silk route. About 10 million Buddhists died. The conquest of Buddhism is the practical result of pacifism.

Zoroasterianism was eliminated from Persia.

The Jews became permanent dhimmis throughout Islam.

In Africa over 120 million Christians and animists have died over the last 1400 years of jihad.

Approximately 270 million nonbelievers died over the last 1400 years in the jihad of political Islam. These are the Tears of Jihad, a subject which is not taught in any school."

Islam will dominate by Shariah

History of the Jihad against Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Philippines
"The clash of the gentle ancestors of the Malays and Indonesians with the violent Muslims is a clash of contrasts.

This is so as there is no greater contrast than that between Buddhism and Islam. While Buddhism is intrinsically and universally non-violent, Islam is a violent, cruel and murderous paranoia as we witnessed in 9/11, 7/7, 3/11 and numerous other events in recent history. The 14 century long history of Islam has been equally violent and bloodied and cruel.

When attacked and massacred by the Muslims, the Buddhists initially did not make any attempt to escape from their murderers. They accepted death with an air of fatalism and destiny. And hence they are not around today to tell their story."

Islam will dominate the Jews

Beheaded for Being Buddhist
"BAGHDAD, Iraq (Reuters) - A militant Iraqi group said it had killed 12 Nepali hostages and showed pictures of one being beheaded and others being gunned down in the worst violence against captives since a wave of kidnappings erupted in April.

The announcement of the killings, made in a statement posted on an Islamist Web site Tuesday, came as France intensified its efforts to save two French reporters held hostage in Iraq by a separate militant Islamic group.

The Nepalis were kidnapped earlier this month when they entered Iraq to work as cooks and cleaners for a Jordanian firm. The killing of men from a tiny country that had nothing to do with the invasion or occupation of Iraq will send shockwaves through foreign companies doing business here.

"We have carried out the sentence of God against 12 Nepalis who came from their country to fight the Muslims and to serve the Jews and the Christians ... believing in Buddha as their God," said the statement by the military committee of the Army of Ansar al-Sunna.

The group posted a series of photographs showing the killing as well as a video.

The recording showed two masked men, one in camouflage, holding down a hostage. One of the men then used a knife to behead the hostage and then hold his head aloft.

The video then showed a group of hostages lying face down and being shot by a man using an automatic rifle. It then showed bodies splattered with blood and bullet wounds. "

Islam will dominate Thailand
Nirvana versus Jihad
"If there is one conflict that truly shows up Muslims for the intolerant, violent and oppressive fanatics they really are it is the Islamic jihad being waged in Southern Thailand against the Buddhists.

Yes, you read that correctly, Buddhists. Those people who believe strictly in non-violence and peace, who believe no living creature should be harmed and who have pretty much caused no harm to any other people are now being treated to the delights of "The Religion of Peace." Over 3,300 Buddhists have been slaughtered to date by fanatical Islamic jihadists who fight in Allah's cause.

And yet once again, the media give little coverage to this conflict, focusing attention instead on the sham "Palestinian" cause conveniently ignoring the fact that Muslims are oppressing and slaughtering thousands upon thousands of non-believers around the world all to the cry of "Allahu Akhbar!" as they devoutly follow the perfect example of their faith, the insane paedophile, murderer and enslaver Mohammed."

Islam will dominate New York

Fatwa on Dalai Lama
"Lumbini (AsiaNews) – Nepal’s three million Buddhists are alarmed over death threats made against the Dalai Lama, allegedly by Islamic extremist group Lashkar-e-Toiba. In Lumbini, Buddha’s birth place in southern Nepal, monks and lay people are praying for him.

A local monk, Bhante Jaydeo, told AsiaNews that the Dalai Lama “is an apostle of non violence and peace. In spite of being a victim of Chinese Communist violence he has never preached for a violent uprising in Tibet and has always called for reconciliation” with Beijing. “Here in town monks and the faithful have prepared special prayers for his safety.”

When an Indian paper reported the threat on April 1, police in Dharamsala (India) where the Dalai Lama lives in exile stepped up security arrangements.

Lashkar-e-Toiba is based in Pakistani-held Kashmir and is among the most powerful Islamic terrorist groups in South Asia. It is thought to be tied to al-Qaeda and it has been held responsible for many attacks in India.

For experts, the threat made against the Buddhist leader is probably connected to a recent statement attributed to Osama bin Laden against all religions other than Islam, including “pagan Buddhism.”

The Dalai Lama’s secretary Tanzin Tekla has refused any comment."

Islam will dominate Russia

Jihad against Buddhism in 20th century Tibet
As if the Marxists' attempts to obliterate Buddhism weren't bad enough, the Tibetans had also previously suffered an Islamic Jihad:

 "The Muslim Warlord Ma Qi waged war in the name of the Republic of China against the Labrang monastery and Ngoloks. After ethnic rioting between Muslims and Tibetans emerged in 1918, Ma Qi defeated the Tibetans. He heavily taxed the town for 8 years. In 1925, a Tibetan rebellion broke out, with thousands of Tibetans driving out the Muslims. Ma Qi responded with 3,000 Chinese Muslim troops, who retook Labrang and machine gunned thousands of Tibetan monks as they tried to flee.[16][17] Ma Qi besieged Labrang numerous times, the Tibetans and Mongols fought against his Muslim forces for control of Labrang, until Ma Qi gave it up in 1927.[18] Ma Qi defeated the Tibetan forces with his Muslim troops.[19] His forces were praised by foreigners who traveled through Qinghai for their fighting abilities.[20] However, that was not the last Labrang saw of General Ma. Ma Qi launched a genocidal war against the Tibetan Ngoloks, in 1928, inflicting a defeat upon them and seizing the Labrang Buddhist monastery.[21] The Muslim forces looted and ravaged the monastery again.[18] 

In the 1930s, the Muslim warlord Ma Bufang seized the northeast corner of Amdo which had been ruled by the Hui Muslims, in the name of Chiang Kai-shek's weak central government and incorporated it into the Chinese province of Qinghai.[22] Amdo was officially incorporated into the Chinese provincial system, with the major portion of it becoming part of Qinghai province in 1928.[23] Most of the communities of the borderland regions of Kham and Amdo remained under their own local lay and monastic leaders into the 1950s. Tibetan region of Lho-Jang and Gyarong in Kham, and Ngapa (Chinese Aba) and Golok people in Amdo, were still independent of Chinese hegemony, despite the creation on paper of Qinghai Province in 1927.[24]

In May 1949, Ma Bufang was appointed Military Governor of Northwest China, making him the highest-ranked administrator of the Amdo region."

Freedom can go to hell

Bangladesh and Pakistan - the destruction of Buddhism and Hinduism
"To make matters worse both Bangladesh and Pakistan would witness the gradual Islamization of their societies, notably Pakistan, and massive corruption and persecution of women would continue. The Islamization of both nations was especially traumatic for Hindus in Pakistan and Buddhists in Bangladesh; and not surprisingly Islamic persecution of minorities in both nations re-awakened anti-Islamic feelings in India.

Buddhists are subject to continual attacks in Muslim Bangladesh

For unlike the destruction of Buddhism in Afghanistan, which happened centuries earlier because of Islamic conquests, persecution and controlling all leverages of power; the Islamization of Bangladesh and Pakistan took place in the twentieth century and continues today. Yet why were Buddhism and Hinduism being allowed to be destroyed in both nations? After all, Buddhists in Bangladesh were a small minority and they could never threaten Islam; the same applies to Hindus in Pakistan. "

Islam will dominate education

Anti-Buddhist Propaganda
"When we consider Buddhism's appearance, its scriptures, general beliefs, style of worship in the light of the Qur'an, we begin to see that its basic philosophy is founded on very deviant doctrines. Indeed, its worship contains strange practices leading its devotees to worship idols of stone and clay. As a belief, Buddhism is contrary to logic and intelligence. Countries where it has been adopted have mixed it with their own idolatrous ideas, traditions and local customs, joining it with myths and deviant ideas until it has evolved into a totally godless philosophy."

Islam will dominate Buddhism

Destruction of Buddhist Monuments
"Of course in the mists of time, when no one was looking, Muslims destroyed monuments, churches, temples, cemeteries, statuary and artifacts of every kind. But that was then, you think to yourself.

And this is now. And now, in the full light of history, knowing that they are being watched, surely they will not do such things. Surely, in this new 21st century, Muslims everywhere will watch their steps, and not desecrate, vandalize, destroy as before.

But then you look only at what has happened since the new century began, since 2000. And here is a tentative list off the top of my head:

Bamiyan Buddhas, 1,500 years old, in Afghanistan, destroyed by Taliban with explosives, and technical help from Saudi and Pakistani engineers..."

Islam will dominate the police

Jihad in China
"After the defeat of the Chinese in the Battle of the Talas river, the Arabs rounded up tens of thousands of Chinese prisoners and their non-Qarluq Turkish allies and took them to Samarqand from where Abu Muslim sent them to Baghdad and Damascus to be sold as slaves, each worth a dirham. One Chinese survivor mentions being kept as cattle in the Arab prison camps. Abu Muslim and Ziyad made huge financial gains out of this slave trade and used it to pay their armies. More importantly the Arabs forced the Turkish and Chinese prisoners to teach them the art of making siege trains and catapult machines, which later the Islamized Turks were to use successfully in their attacks on the Byzantine cities.

Islam will dominate Spain
Muslim hate squads killing Buddhists in Southern Thailand
The few reports of the Thai jihad that reach the western press are almost invariably purely textual descriptions of the violence; only rarely are photos to be found in media reports, and almost none of those photos show what’s really going on: beheadings, corpse desecrations, torture, bombings, and more...

Muslims behead 9 year old Buddhist boy (warning - graphic images)

Yazidi chidren burned alive

Burma (Myanmar) Rapes, Murders and Jihadist Propaganda

The latest wave of jihad against Buddhists is being launched in an effort to destabilize newly liberalizing Burma (Myanmar).  Jihadists are raping and murdering Buddhists, then inverting reality to play the victim card by claiming that Buddhists are massacring hundreds or thousands of Muslims. They are posting fake photos online to incite Muslims worldwide into anti-Buddhist rage.

Cultural Terrorism against all non Muslims

Dhimmi and Harbi
"Islam divides people into two antagonistic groups - Muslims (collectively known as the Ummah) versus Kaffirs (aka Kufr, Kuffars, Infidels or non-believers).

Kaffirs are subdivided further - Jews and Christians who accept the supremacy of Islam are known as Dhimmis, and are allowed to live as second-class citizens, provided they pay the extortionate Jizya (infidel tax) to their Muslim masters. The state of being a submissive Dhimmi is known as Dhimmitude.

Buddhists, Pagans and members of all other 'non-Abrahamic' religions, together with secularists, and those Jews and Christians who do not accept Muslim domination, are regarded as Harbis - targets of war. (However ultimately ALL Jews, even those who live submissively under Islamic domination, will be exterminated. )

Islam is at permanent war with Harbis, even if the Harbis don't actually do anything to annoy Muslims. The Harbis' mere existence is itself an act of war. A Harbi has no rights, not even the right to live.

Islam will dominate India
Dar al-Harb and Dar al-Islam
Areas under Muslim control are known as Dar al-Islam. Areas under Harbi control are known as Dar al-Harb - the domain of war. The Koran commands Muslims to wage perpetual war (Jihad) against Dar al-Harb until the entire world is Dar al-Islam. These attacks are ordained by Allah and are non-negotiable in the long term, though the practice of taqiyya (holy deception) allows temporary deceptive peace agreements (’Hudna’) to be made if the forces of Islam are too weak to attack the Harbis successfully."

(In fact Buddhists are desrcibed as 'Mushrik' - idolaters - a Muslim term of abuse which places them even lower than 'najis kafirs'.)

Buddhists as Harbis
Buddhists have always been favorite targets because:

(1) The Koran (Surah 9, ayah 5) commands that polytheists and idolaters should be murdered wherever they are found. Buddhist statues and icons provided the perfect excuse for a bloodbath. Modern Muslims continue to believe that since Buddhists are not monotheists they must be forced to convert to Islam or be killed.

(2) Being pacifists, Buddhists were unable to defend themselves.

Given this long history of uncompromising hostility towards Buddhism, which has 'sanctified' the slaughter of Buddhist sangha and destroyed Buddhist civilizations throughout Asia, it is advisable for Buddhists, Pagans and other Harbis to be vigilant about The Islamification of Europe and America.

Islam will dominate England - Muslims desecrate war memorial
'Islam will dominate the world'
on Burton-upon-Trent war memorial

Coercion, intimidation, thuggery
and outright terrorism are 
intrinsic and essential features 
of Islam. 

Islam is so intellectually moribund

and ethically repulsive 
that it cannot compete for followers
in a free marketplace of ideas, 
but must eliminate its competitors 
by whatever means may be necessary.

The Religion of Peace



Anonymous said...

According to the Kalachakra prophecy, Islam will indeed dominate. It will soon eliminate all other religions and bring about a degenerate age of ignorance, anarchy, oppression and savagery that will last until 2424AD.

Anonymous said...

Monotheism is barbaric. Christians have colonised this planet through barbaric actions and as you are showing the Muslims are trying to do the same. Theists need to cognize that they may still meet there enemies after they die. Thanks for your doing this article. Be careful, to not give out your photo or private infomation. Thanks again for having the courage to do this.

seanrobsville said...

@Anon 9.07
Yes, I'm aware of the Kalachakra prophecy about the mlecchas, Shambhala and the New Dark Age.

I wonder whether this prophecy is a prediction of what will happen, or a warning of what might happen, unless certain steps are taken.

@Anon 15.08. Thanks for your comments and advice. I think the local jihadists are probably already aware of my identity due to my opposition to their activities on campus.

The whole topic of Islam's implacable jihad against Buddhism is a taboo subject, especially in academia. Might I ask that Buddhists who are concerned by this problem 'go viral' with publicising the above article.

Anonymous said...

Nam Myoho Renge Kyo

Anonymous said...

Why was my earlier post removed?

seanrobsville said...

@Anon 08:50. I have not removed any comment from this post. Please check that you left it on this post and not a related one. Otherwise it must be a glitch in blogger, so please repost.

Anonymous said...

As Buddhist I wish peace and happiness for all leaving beings, but I'm not naive at all. It would a great new if people of good will jews, christians, hindus, buddhists, taoists even non religious people could work together with mutual respect AGAINST ISLAM

Anonymous said...

Maybe it is also naive to believe that people could work together for that purpose. In fact there is a guy named Robert Spencer, who think it is possible and he is for sure a serious man with a strong knowledge...

Steve said...

@ Anon 11 March
The EDL is an organisation that unites jews, christians, hindus, buddhists, taoists, sikhs and non religious people to work against Islamification of Britain. They have recently launched a gay and lesbian section to oppose the growing numbers of vicious Muslim attacks against gay people. More here

Anonymous said...


While I am extremely concerned with the spread of extremist Islam, I don't think supporting the EDL is a great idea either. The problem is, just like the few amounts of modern Muslims are being mixed in with extremists, the members of the EDL concerned only with preventing the Islam invasion can't even go to an EDL rally without being grouped with the skinhead-equivalents shouting racist slogans against all foreigners and non-Christians. And considering the right-wingedness, even if they are opposed to Islam's stone-queers policy, I think a good portion of the EDL aren't fond of homosexuals either.

Anonymous said...


You are right.Islam will destroy all non-Islamic things in the world.We must all wake up to this huge threat.We must educate ouselves about how Islam spread using swords and all other means.We must study its Jihad stratagies contained in Quran and Hadiths.We all non-Muslims work together defend before it is too late.This is the greatest threat much worse than communism and Nazis.Islam is a very violent ideology of global conquest,not a religion of peace!

Anonymous said...

Notice how the religions that come out of the Arabian desert are extremist in nature? This shows that everyone should constantly scour their lives for the Three Poisons, and eradicate even the smallest trace of them.
Beware those who embrace sick, warped, and anti-intellectual beliefs that order their followers to spread their beliefs through any means necessary, and claim that everyone else is "sub-human"!

With Regards,


Iron Chef Kosher! said...

One weapon against the onslaught of fanatical Muslims is to support the moderate ones. I am sure that if we each don't personally know Muslims who are shock & appalled by what is being done in their name, we know others who do. So we have to go out of our way to support & promote those Muslims & their views. If this is not pro-active enough for some of you,because it sounds "too PC", think of it in military terms: "divide & conquer".

Fanatical pseudo-Muslims think they can wait us out, that our tolerance is actually weakness. But when they push us too far, we will react. And it will be as it was 1,00 years ago: the Crusades. Look up the causes - it wasn't just Xians thinking they should own Jerusalem...

ChomFa said...

Iron Chef Kosher - while I can empathize with the desire to act in accord with “moderate muslims”, the reality is that “moderates” are a rare breed. I do not mean to say none exist but I do assert that they – like everyone else – live under the thrall of threat that is so implicit in islam.
To be simplistic, the world has waited patiently, since 9/11 (for example) for moderate islam to reform the more egregious and violent aspects of islam. That it has singularly failed to do so is illuminating; more so when paralleled with the more obvious fact. Far from a rising voice of moderation, the stage has been more and more dominated by the radical voice, with rising calls for sharia and incessant demand for “special category” status.
I am of the opinion this radical voice is the true voice.
Islam is a moribund cult that exists through coercion and overt control. I have the experience of living in Sth. Thailand for 10 years to base these conclusions on, where I witnessed dozens of examples of violence towards monks and practitioners of Buddhism.
It is a mistake to expect islam to reform itself. It cannot.

Anonymous said...

incredible blog

Anonymous said...

"Shariah - The Threat to America" from the Center for Security Policy

Anonymous said...

See Koenraad Elst's works too on Hinduism, India and Islam. Hindus like Buddhists are targets.
"Negationaism in India - Concealing the Record of Islam"

Anonymous said...

What Islam means for pagans

Anonymous said...

Buddhists, do not easily trust this blog. The responsible way to learn about Islam's attitude towards Buddhism is from Muslims themselves. To judge a person based on the rumours spread by others is dishonourable. One should only ever judge a person based on direct experience with the person himself. The same is true of judging a religion.

The Buddha himself warned us against judgment based on secondary sources:

"Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it. Do not believe in anything simply because it is spoken and rumored by many. Do not believe in anything simply because it is found written in your religious books. Do not believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders. Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations." - Buddha

Visit Muslim-majority countries. Interact widely with Muslims. Get to know Muslims in person and see if they are anything like what this blog describes. Ask Muslims their views on Buddhism and discuss the topic with them. To think you know anything about how Muslims view Buddhists prior to doing all the above is not only presumptuous and irresponsible, but leaves you vulnerable to manipulation by those who want to divide communities and start wars.

Mahound said...

The Buddhist failure to understand and confront Islam as a cult causes its downfall in Central Asia and Indonesia. The founder of islam , Muhammad was a narcissist. Read Ali Sina's Book "Understanding Muhammad".
Ali Sina is an Iranian ex-muslim has his website at

Anonymous said...

Ali Sina is a known Zionist agent.

The comment of Nov 7 had it right: the only way to learn about Islam is from extended PERSONAL EXPERIENCE in Muslim communities. Anyone who tells you to read a book or watch a documentary to learn about Islam is trying to deceive you, because any third-party account is necessarily partial.

Mahound said...

Ali Sina is neither Jew nor Zionist. I've read his book. He's Iranian scholar living in exile in Canada. His extended relatives are Ayahtollahs. His research on Islam came because he was ashamed that his home country was involve in major violation of human rights before Sept 11. I was on his yahoo club in 1999. Islamic missionary in Europe and America are deceiving ( Taqiyyah)the public with the "Beautified Islam". The greatest sin in Islam is non other than "Unbelief" and "Polytheistic" (Shrik).

Mahound said...

Non-Abrahamic Faiths are considered "Najis" (filth) in Islam. Hindus and Buddhists are considered the worst infidel because Hindus worship plural gods and Buddhist took part in idolatry. On the other hand Jews and Christians are to be turned to tribute payer (Dhimmi). Read Anwar Shaikh's book " Islam - The Arab National Movement".

EDL supporter said...

"the only way to learn about Islam is from extended PERSONAL EXPERIENCE in Muslim communities. "

Yeah, trying entering one of the Scandinavian ghettos, or Zones Urbaines Sensibles of France, or no go areas of Britain.

Anonymous said...

Mappou approaches

Anonymous said...

yeah right, buddhists must learn from behaviour of muslims. Like what they did to bamiyan buddhas, like killing buddhists in southersn thailand, or the fighting and killing of han chinese (buddhists-taoists) in zinjiang province of china. Or the race riots between malays and chinese in malaysia. Actually they were not race riots, but religious riots between muslims and buddhists.
yeah learn from muslim behaviour. No buddhist can practice his religion in saudi arabia.

Anonymous said...

Islam has already destroyed Buddhism from traditional Buddhist lands.

-Central Asia: Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan,Chinese province of Xinziang all used to be Buddhist. Now? Buddhism in these countries has disappeared without trace.

-South Asia: Pakistan and Bangladesh used to be Buddhist/Hindu. Now? Both are radical Islamic states.

-South East Asia: Indonesia, Malaysia, South Philippines, South Thailand all were bastions of Hinayana Buddhism. Now? All Muslim and getting more and more fanatic by the day.

South East Asian Buddhism (Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia) faces danger from two sides-- from the Southern Islamic states like Malaysia and Indonesia and from the East--Pakistan and Bangladesh. If India is overrun by Muslims, pretty soon Islamic forces will turn East towards IndoChina.

Islam is creeping up in Buddhist countries. Look at Thailand

Anonymous said...

Both Buddhism and Islam should be destroyed! Crusade!!!

Anonymous said...

Muslims says that Jesus wasn't crucified, and that he didn't rise from the dead...yet, there were many witnesses to the former: the Jews, Pontius Pilate, the Roman soldiers, the Jewish-Roman scribe Josephus, and others...and many of the disciples met Jesus after he rose.

Mohammed did come until 600 years later with his denial of those things. Who, then, has the more reliable story?

Anonymous said...

It would serve you well to cite your sources when spouting all these numbers on Jihad related deaths and attacks. Not to mention that you reduce the whole of Islam to extremist movements, neglecting moderate Islam and Sufism. In other words, this is unintellectual racist propaganda until you specify your terms and cite your sources. I agree that certain factions of Islam with significant numbers and power are a threat to Buddhists as well as progressive societies at large, but your arguments are petty and reductionist.

Anonymous said...

Muslims offend me because they really want to kill non-Muslims!

Where is the outrage from the world?

Islam and Muslims must be stopped!

Anonymous said...

Violent Jihad is central to Islam.
Any Muslim who denies it is lying.

Anonymous said...

How are you not also perpetrating racism? There are factions in every culture and every religion which are extremist and violent. This article contributes to the hatred and ignores helpful and hopeful discussion. The comments to this post exemplify this and promote close mindedness.

zaphod beeblebrox said...

Islam isn't a race, it's a totalitarian ideology like Nazism wrapped up in plagiarized pseudo-religion. You can't choose your race but you can choose your ideology.

Meanwhile, the anti-Buddhist jihad continues. A muslim has autodestructed in a bungled bombing of a Buddhist school

... no virgins for him, he didn't kill any kuffars.

Anonymous said...

"...A muslim has autodestructed in a bungled bombing of a Buddhist school ..."

Instant karma?

Anonymous said...

Buddhist people believe, never ending chain of death and births (that means, the present life of ours, just a moment when we compared with life before and future) According to Buddha’s teaching, if you collect your tears all the life before you had, is greater than the amount of water in all waters on the earth, now you can imagine the criticality. Nirwana is the ultimate target of Buddhist and there is no death and birth. If anyone not achieved nirvana, After death birth can be taken place in one of the worlds namely, Hell, as an Animal (Excluding Human) , Pretha (Creatures who do not have enough food, water, Clothing) , Human, Gods( Having luxuries lives, do not have suffering), Brahma (Having most peaceful lives, no pain at all).

2 Brahma Always happy no pain, Even perspiration

1 Deva No pain, Always happy, Long life spam

0 Human (Short life spam) Mixed with happiness and Pain

-1 Animals Happiness very rare ( Embedded with fear, hunger)

-2 Pretha Creatures who do not have enough food, water, Clothing,

-3 Hell Always suffering no happiness at all

(The number system shows the mental power that contain in each world, please note the magnitudes are not linear)
It is obvious that people who do bad, have lower level of mental status and they will end up with sub zero level of births. At the time when bad people rule the world, it is not a place to live for Human. If anyone believes this natural phenomenon, never fear about that.

Anonymous said...

Bangladesh is a dangerous threat for both Myanmar Buddhist people and our Hindu brothers in India.

After all, Islam is the Adharma -ism that destroyed both our Religions in Buddha Gaya and Ayodhya.
Muslims destroyed not only our Religious Holy Cites in India but also Islamized ( Buddhism & Hindu) countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia and Bangladesh.

Bangladesh 160 Million Muslims is a biggest Threat to Myanmar while total Muslim population from Pakistan+Bangladesh+ local Muslims in India is about 550 Million Muslim.

Total Hindu Population is 1000 Million, that is 2:1. There is one Muslim for every 2 Hindus.

That is also a biggest Threat for our Hindus brothers in India. That is not a coincidence.

1000 Million Hindus have been surrounded by 550 Million Muslim. India Hinduism is under dangerous Islamization.

Dharma will conquer over Adharma
Greetings from Myanmar.

Unknown said...

Well Muslims are jihadis but wat about
1. World war 1
2. World War 2
3. Ltte conflict.
4. Serbs killing
5. Invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan.
6. Invasion of Tibet.
7. Brutal killings in Ireland and balkans by britishers.
8. The man who killed Gandhi.
The man who killed Martin Luther king, j.f Kennedy, Malcolm x, yasser Arafat,
9. Mahabharat
10. Ram vs ravana
11. War bween English and French

these facts are sufficient to show that none of the religion is as peaceful as you portraying them to be. World war 2 kills maximum number of people which was the work of Christian architects so look in your collar before preaching u bloody hypocrite.

Unknown said...

Christians and Jews are the root cause of sorrows if you get rid of them you will get rid of sorrows.

They pit one race against other, they make the Indian Hindus and Muslims work like dog for them and before leaving away they pitted them against each other and divided the land so that they can always reap the benefits by selling weapons to both the stupid states. I salute the creators of Divide and rule for their awesome policy.

Marcus Prometheus said...

Dear Buddhist brothers and Friends, I am an italian very interested to know more about the islamization of present Malaysia Indonesia and South Philipines. How much happened by jihad violence & cohercition and how much by simple proselitism?
Please I need references to jihadistic wars dates and if possible also numbers. Thank you in advance.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, you have picked the false information about Islam, and posted it here.Do not quote from extremist's point of view if you really want to know about Islam. I'm Muslim but Islam that I learn is not like what you exposed. Be just and honest ! Islam means peace, love and submission to God. Whoever acts against these three meanings of Islam, they are not deserved to declare themselves as Muslims! If you want to know more about the true Islam, please visit this website :
May the peace and blessings of God be upon you all...

Abu Faizan

Anonymous said...

Why should non-muslims attempt to know real muslims when these are not at all curious of other peoples' ways and beliefs ? Who do they think they are ?

Two solutions only :

If the world still needs Middel East oil much longer : declare all oil resource the common property of humanity and trust its management and revenues sharing to the UN.

If/when the world does not need their oil anymore, reconvert Iran to their old religion of Light, Zorostrianism, and build a Faith wall all around the Middle East, including Israël, so the 2 descendants of Abraham lineages can sort out their conflict between themselves without taking the world hostage. Go back 200 years later to see what if left of them.If any, send them to the moon or Mars. Let India reconquer Pakistan and Afghanistan.

But only China when it recognizes it is the largest Buddhist country in the world (More than 300 millions) and behaves as such, can do that.

Islam from the time of Mahomed on, spread thrue terror. Terrorize them. Since their religion is that of "submission", let them submit to the world.

For info take a look at this link :


Anonymous said...

To insult the Prophet means to tell the truth about Mohammed.
To defame Islam means to tell the truth about Islam.
Muslims do not want the world to know the sordid truth about Mohammed, they do not wnat the world to know the truth about Islam. It is a religion of lies.

Anonymous said...

Islam can go to hell, kick all the muslims out of Europe and USA. The Arabs have destroyed enough in this world and they should be stopped now. All the problems in Afghanistan, Iran, middle east etc are because of muslims. My message to European and all non-muslim countries: Keep your countries clean, deport all the muslims to their origin countries because you are our last stand. I wish the world wakes up and does something. Don't be afraid, together we will defeat them.
from Afghanistan

Anonymous said...

i am from india . and i am a hindu . what saying on this article iss completly true . actually islam spread terrorisam rather than peace , for exambple look at islmic countries all are very unpeaceful . but the main problem is a lot of secular thinking peoples still dont understand the danger of supporting innocent looking muslim peoples .

Anonymous said...

They say that their religion is a religion of peace. What kind of joke is that? they killed hundreds of people in Bali without mercy, in thailand, in Myanmar. They say, I'm bringing peace, with flowers in her left hand while the right hand they carried swords ready for use when we are careless. We must resist them in any way .... their religion is really dangerous for the survival of mankind and world culture.

sudhana said...

Reading this post made me more hopeful. So it isn't just me. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Islam is an evil cult , it is NOT like any other religion. see

Anonymous said...

Wiki on the Kalachakra

Anonymous said...

I see the Dalai Lama recognizes the threat from Islam.

Haley said...

i have read the koran and hadith. there are hundreds of quotes in there asking muslims to kill.

Haley said...

i have read the koran and hadith. there are hundreds of quotes in there asking muslims to kill.

AlterWriter said...

Whilst this article contains truthful accounts of Islam's legacy and excellent points on how its history is covered up, there are also inaccuracies and oversimplifications which must be addressed, as they take away from the importance.

Palestinian situation isn't a 'sham' it's a real event that Muslims exploit when convenient. It should be addressed but because of power of Zionists and US UK colonialism, won't be. But is it true that Islamism in Thailand etc should be given more attention.

It is a false dichotomy that it is one thing versus another. All Abrahamic religions have wrecked chaos and death; it shouldn't be who killed more or Islam vs everyone else or Christians, but that no oppressive ideology as Islam should be allowed to take hold.

A big omission from this article is how US CIA have massively helped Muslim terrorists over the years and presently, for example in Syria, for their own selfish causes.
Another massive thing missing from this is how the EU and its Zionist helpers have allowed Islam to take root in Europe and how US wars have made this worse.

But great information on how Islam has overtaken people and made them forget about their culture, giving them a deadly life instead. I am not for any wars against anyone - there must be responsibility of all parties.

AlterWriter said...

Also, the EDL is false opposition designed to detract from the real issue of who is allowing Islam terror and sharia to spread in UK. Tommy Robinson is a scared Israel Zionist shill. Zionists are no one's friend, just as Islam.

EDL will never say how and why Islam became so powerful. Its job is too make people focus only on Islam and create divide that gets no results. They never mention the sinister role of Israel in manipulating the UK.

AlterWriter said...

As for the pathetic excuses that people need to visit a Muslim nation and walk around and interact with people - typical Muslim deflection. Facts and history cannot be undone by anything. That excuse is too fool people into not paying attention to Islam danger. There is factual evidence including verbal claims from Muslim leaders, that Islam's goal is worldwide domination. They are being assisted by US and UK imperialism and their Zionist friends. Check it out - Saudi and Israel are good buddies - they don't mind sacrificing their own peasants to distract and keep the sheep fighting.

Problem is most Muslims are completely unaware of their religion's history because they are taught lies and the media & political parties etc encourage their delusion. That is why they need to be challenged in a civil manner and made to understand how they're being used as pawns. Many of their males are insane and many of the seemingly secular Muslim females still support their men and refuse to acknowledge Islamism. These Muslims will support Black Lives Matter and demand ridiculous things from white men but never focus on why their own males are savages.

this Irish journalist wrote a few of the most accurate articles about the real issue of the Rohingyas. He has a huge knowledge of Islamism, Western collusion and politics in general.