Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Australian Supremacist leader cleared of 'race hate' for praying for slaughter of Buddhists

More on the growing global jihad against Buddhists from the Herald Sun

"National News - Adelaide-based Shiekh Sharif Hussein free to preach race hate


"POLICE say they will not act against a radical preacher who publicly prayed for the slaughter of Hindus and Buddhists, leaving him free to spread his messages of hatred.

A sermon videotaped in South Australia last year also showed Sheikh Sharif Hussein accusing Australian troops, whom he called “crusader pigs”, of helping to rape tens of thousands of women in Iraq, but SA police say he has broken no laws.

This has prompted outspoken SA conservative senator Cory Bernardi to demand changes to race-hate laws, or the way they are enforced.

He says the police decision proves that Australian freedoms are “being used against us” and claims that any similar attack on the sheik’s fundamentalist Muslim ideologies would be met with outrage.

Buddhists and Hindus have expressed shock at the police decision and say the sheik will lash out again.

According to a translation of the Arabic video, published by the US-based Middle East Media Research Institute, the sheikh publicly prayed: “Oh Allah, count the Buddhists and the Hindus one by one. Oh Allah, count them and kill them to the very last one”.

A police investigation was launched after The Advertiser last year revealed details of one lecture recording, believed to have been delivered, in part, at the Islamic Da’wah Centre of SA, in Torrensville.

In the video clip, posted online in August last year by the research institute, the preacher also attacked Jews, former prime minister John Howard and US President Barack Obama, speaking in Arabic.

Senator Bernardi said the fact Sheikh Hussein had not been prosecuted showed that Australia’s freedoms were “being used against us to further a dangerous cause”.

“I can only imagine the political and legal repercussions if similar statements were made about adherents to Mr Hussein’s ideology,” he said.

“Frankly, the Australian public have had enough of the double standards that seem to apply to people like Sharif Hussein. They appear free to spread their poison, while those who challenge their world view are condemned as bigots or racists.”

A South Australia Police spokesman said the matter had been investigated and that “in this instance, no criminal offending occurred and no charges (were) laid. No further comment will be made on this matter.”

The controversial Senator Bernardi has previously come under fire for his views on banning the burqa and what he calls the “totalitarian” ideology of Islam, as well for as his views on abortion and “traditional families”.

His comments come as debate rages over free speech. The Government wants to repeal part of the Racial Discrimination Act that makes it illegal to insult, offend or humiliate people based on their race. It says protections against racial vilification would still be strong enough.

Senator Bernardi said that if South Australian vilification laws, or the way they were enforced, did not stop Sheikh Hussein, they need to change.

“We are now faced with a challenge for law makers and law enforcers alike,” he said.

“If our anti-vilification laws can’t or won’t be upheld against someone who encourages the killing of those who don’t subscribe to a particular religious and political system, I can only conclude things need to change.”

State Attorney-General John Rau pointed to the Government’s policy on the Racial Discrimination Act.

“Presumably Mr Bernardi is outraged that (federal Attorney-General) Mr Brandis proposes to water down relevant federal laws further,” Mr Rau said.

Sheik Hussein, who in the video singled out Mr Howard and Mr Obama, had preached at the Islamic Da’wah Centre of SA and was previously connected to the Marion mosque in Park Holme.

He has previously been under surveillance by the Australian Security and Intelligence Organisation and the Australian Federal Police.

In 2007, the Federal Government blocked $250,000 in funding from Saudi Arabia for the Park Holme mosque, amid “security concerns”.

It is not known if Sheik Hussein has preached in SA since the video went public last year. His friends have claimed the video was heavily edited and misrepresented him, while he has declined to comment.

“I have told you many times before I don’t want to do any interviews,” he told The Advertiser. The Islamic Society of SA has condemned his comments in the past but declined to comment when approached by The Advertiser.

Australian Buddhist Councils Federation president Kim Hollow was flabbergasted that Sheikh Hussein could “get away with” his comments.

“It is disappointing … because they would have had to look at the video,” he said.

“I personally thought it was abhorrent. How someone could get away with it is beyond me. Chances are he will lash out again, I would be surprised if he doesn’t.

“It just beggars belief. It is just horrible to have people make these sorts of statements in this day and age. It is just ridiculous. Words escape me.”

Mr Hollow has previously said that Tunisian-born Mr Hussein should be deported."

I disagree with Senator Bernardi and Kim Hollow.  Sheik Hussein should not be prosecuted because...

1. Buddhism is NOT a race.

Whatever the Skeik was preaching, it wasn't 'race hate'.
There are grave dangers to freedom of speech in racializing religion, which mostly work to the jihadists' advantage, as this article describes, with "the possibility of people being sent to prison for up to seven years for saying such things as "the Koran is full of violence and aggression". We are talking about a law which seems intent on freeing Islam from all criticism, as has been the case in parts of the Muslim world for up to 1,400 years'.

2. Praying for violence is not necessarily the same as inciting violence.
Sheik Hussein didn't actually tell Australian Muslims to go out and attack Buddhists, he just prayed for Allah to do it, so no direct incitement to violence was involved.  Invoking a mythical bronze age warlord to slaughter the unbelievers is as likely to produce any real effects as requesting the tooth fairy to smite the infidels with caries, gum boils, and root canal inflammation. 

3. Freedom of expression means freedom to express abhorrent views.
People should not be prevented or discouraged from preaching the basic doctrines of their religion, even (especially?) if those doctrines are murderous.

It's better we should know what the jihadists are thinking and plotting by having it out in the open, rather than behind the closed doors of mosques and madrassahs.

Perhaps if the citizens of the democracies had been more aware of the Nazis' true intentions (published in Mein Kampf as early as 1926), they might have stopped them earlier, with the saving of millions of lives.

Just as Mein Kampf views Jews as 'Untermenschen',  the Koran regards Buddhists as 'idolators' and 'mushrikun', who must be exterminated (Surah 9, ayah 5). So the Sheik is merely expressing the orthodox teachings of his religion

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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Media ignores anti-Buddhist genocide

From Jihadwatch

“More than 5,000 people have been killed in Thailand’s three southernmost provinces since an Islamic insurgency flared in 2004″ — but how much do you hear about it in the mainstream media? Hardly at all. And that’s understandable, since in Thailand the victims are Buddhists. If the victims were Muslims, then there would be an international outcry, UN resolutions, and calls from Barack Obama and his minions to stop the sectarian violence. But Islamic jihadists murdering non-Muslims? Pah! Who cares? What are you, some kind of Islamophobe?"

See   No future for Buddhism in an Islamized World

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Were Omar Mateen and the Boston Bombers mentally ill?

Were the Boston Bombers contagiously insane?

On 12-Jun-2016, Omar Mir Seddique Mateen, a devout Muslim who had been offended by the sight of men kissing, carried out the most vicious Islamic attack since 9/11, when he got into The Pulse gay club in Orlando and massacred 50 customers.

As Omar Mateen spent his formative years in the West, it again raises the question originally asked after the Boston attacks, whether exposure to the metameme during their education could have prevented him and other believers going into jihad mode.

Original article:

Preventing terrorism
Were the London and Edmonton Beheaders and Boston Bombers mentally ill?  And could the metameme have prevented their collective delusion from becoming homicidal?

'Mind viruses' (otherwise known as malignant memes and memeplexes) are contagious delusions, which harness the three poisons of the mind to spread like infectious diseases.  Jihadism is such a meme, which is 'as dangerous in a man as rabies in a dog', to quote Winston Churchill. 

The study of memes, memeplexes and their mechanisms of infection is known as memetics.

The metameme
One interesting question is whether the meme theory is itself a meme ('The Metameme') and whether its spread could block and give immunity to more pernicious memes, much like the harmless cowpox virus can block out the lethal smallpox virus.  Once you know how memes work, you may be less susceptible to becoming infected. 

In other words, the diagnosis is also the treatment!

Fox news describes how these lethal memes spread:
"Emerson's Investigative Project on Terrorism reviewed videos posted on the YouTube channels of Tamerlan Tsarnaev and his younger brother Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev...

...Based on the content of the videos, which feature Bin Laden, calls to kill Americans, Jews, Christians and exhortations to establish a world-wide caliphate, it is clear that these message are not directed just at Chechens. "They are directed primarily against all non-Muslims and are very similar to the Al Qaeda videos we've seen in years past." 

The two brothers clearly want "to express a message that they totally sympathize with the jihadist cause. These were jihadists, they were not just Chechen separatists."

"...strike off their heads..." Quran 8:12

The Quran is the meme that provides the justification for these beheadings and bomb attacks
Quran (8:12)
- "I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them"  

Okay, bombs may not be such a precise means of mutilation as a meat cleaver; they tend to remove limbs and other body parts rather randomly, especially when packed with nails.  But the general idea is there, and the Boston bombers followed the spirit, if not the precise letter of the Quran, like the London beheaders.

The Quran demonstrates the self-reference and circularity typical of many memes. The Quran says it's the word of God, and believers know what it says is true because it's God's word!   Therefore its incitement to rape, murder, extort and pillage the kuffars must be obeyed without question.

Of course any logical analysis shows the Quran's truth claims to be a hoax, but logical analysis, and indeed any forms of rationalism, are strongly discouraged by Jihadists. In addition, divinely sanctioned rape, murder, extortion and pillage provide a very useful excuse for the criminal activities so evident among Jihadists in kuffar countries. No wonder Jihadism is spreading so rapidly in jails: it's a criminals' charter.  Just as typhus was the Victorian 'jail fever', jihadism is the modern prison epidemic.

Nicholas Salvador made mentally ill by Islam

Robert Spencer has further details on meme propagation outside jails:

"I referred during this interview to four separate studies that all found that 80% of U.S. mosques were teaching jihad, Islamic supremacism, and hatred and contempt for Jews and Christians. There are no countervailing studies that challenge these results... 

... And in the summer of 2011 came another study showing that only 19% of mosques in U.S. don’t teach jihad violence and/or Islamic supremacism."

Could knowledge of memetics prevent terrorism?

Richard Dawkins - meme theorist

''We have the power to defy the selfish genes of our birth and, if necessary, the selfish memes of our indoctrination. We can even discuss ways of deliberately cultivating and nurturing pure, disinterested altruism - something that has no place in nature, something that has never existed before in the whole history of the world. We are built as gene machines and cultured as meme machines, but we have the power to turn against our creators. We, alone on earth, can rebel against the tyranny of the selfish replicators."  - Richard Dawkins

Going viral with the antivirus
Could the metameme 'go viral'? If young men from vulnerable cultural and family backgrounds were better informed about memes and memeplexes, perhaps they could resist this jihadist indoctrination and  recognize these malignant memes for the pernicious parasitic processes that they are, before they took over their minds and turned them into robotic killers.  

We'll never be able stop 'violent radicalization' until Mohammedans agree to remove the numerous incitements to violence from the Quran.   But they can't do that because the entire Quran is the literal Word of God, valid for all time.  Mohammedans know that it's the word of God because it says so, and what God says must be true.

The only way out of this pernicious circular logic is to realise that the Quran is a self-perpetuating scam. An understanding of the psychological dynamics of memes could hopefully produce an 'Emperor's new clothes moment' among the afflicted.  This requires a type of mindfulness meditation on the arising and interconnectness of the delusions that comprise the jihadist memeplex, in order to break their
self-reinforcing vicious circle.

As dangerous in a man as rabies in a dog.
From the Buddhist point of view, jihadists such as the beheaders and bombers deserve compassion just as much as their victims, for their lives are also being ruined by this contagious mental illness of self-reinforcing delusions. A rabid dog suffers from the hydrophobia virus just as much as the people he bites.

Jihadists deserve compassion like their victims

And perhaps Buddhism might offer some hope of treatment for jihadists. It may be possible to use Buddhist meditation techniques to cut through delusions and weed out malignant memes even after they have become established...  More here

Update 27-May-2013  Boris describes Islamism as a virus that must be immunised against.



Thursday, 3 April 2014

Buddhist monks prepare to defend themselves against jihad

From Jihad Watch:

"One certainty: if these monks ever did have to defend themselves against a jihad attack, the international media would portray their defense as Buddhist violence against Muslims, and the global “human rights community” would issue indignant condemnations of the brutalization of Muslims. The fact that these monks never would have been training in this way were it not for jihad violence will only appear around the 43rd paragraph of the story, if at all.

“Chinese Monks Get Martial to Defend Against Terrorism,” by Dexter Roberts for Bloomberg Businessweek, April 3:

As fears of domestic terrorism grow in China, some monks are getting martial.

At the 1,700-year-old Lingyin Temple in Hangzhou, a 45-member team (including 20 monks and all 25 security guards) has been organized to combat possible terror attacks, according to the official China Daily. “The monks prayed to Buddha during the day and trained at night. Only those aged 20 to 40 with an agile body and quick reactions can join the team,” the newspaper reported, noting that some members of the antiterror team are military veterans.

The Lingyin Temple, built in 326 and famous for its beautiful mountain scenery, receives 10,000 visitors a day, so “it was deemed necessary to set up such a team to prepare for possible terrorist attacks,” explained the English-language paper.

The decision to set up the team follows the brutal attack March 1 in the Kunming Train Station, in which 29 people were killed and another 143 injured. “The temple also stockpiled shields and batons at several locations, and its security guards will carry batons and pepper spray at all times,” the paper said."

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