Sunday, 15 September 2013

Pali, the sacred language of early Buddhism, is being revived in India

Pali Texts

From The Times of India by Mihir Bhanage

Students help revive ancient Pali language

"Slowly but steadily Pali, the Buddhist language of communication, is catching the fancy of students and young professionals in the city.

Students and teachers at the Pune University are trying their best to sustain and revive this language that has long gone out of popular usage.
Dharmvir Barsole, who learned the language at the University and is now teaching it there, is happy by the growing interest in the subject. "Though initially there was very little awareness about the language but people's perspective is changing and more and more of them are taking it up now. Also the knowledge of Pali is essential for the students of Buddhist scriptures."
Elaborating on the same Yogesh Ovhal, a diploma student said, "It is easier to understand the Buddhist scripture if one knows Pali and hence I plan to study this language as much as I can...."  Read it all 




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