Thursday, 12 September 2013

Buddhism may improve relations between the two Koreas

From the Global Post  

Buddhist exchanges pick up pace with easing of inter-Korean tensions

SEOUL, Aug. 19 (Yonhap) -- Exchanges between South and North Korean Buddhist organizations have picked up pace on easing tensions on the peninsula that could lead to greater social and cultural interactions between the two nations, sources here said Monday.

The Jogye Order, the largest Buddhist sect in South Korea, said its members met with their counterparts from the North's Buddhist Federation in the Chinese city of Shenyang on Sunday and Monday. It said the meeting was approved in advance by Seoul's Ministry of Unification, which has authority over all cross-border exchanges.

A source said that the meeting centered on issues such as how best to offer humanitarian assistance to people hurt by recent floods that ravaged the impoverished country.

"The two sides also exchanged views on holding a memorial tea ceremony for the deceased at a temple in Mount Myohyang in November," he added. The mountain has one of the best scenic vistas in the North and has many historic Buddhist temples... Read more

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