Sunday, 8 September 2013

Boy George: Buddhism has kept me sober

From  Contactmusic  

"Boy George has credited his new-found belief in Buddhism for helping him stay sober and clean of drugs.

Boy George says Buddhism has helped him stay sober.

The 'Do You Really Want to Hurt Me' hitmaker has struggled with drug addiction throughout his life but he claims his recent commitment to the Eastern religion - which aims to end followers' suffering through the elimination of ignorance and desire - has stopped him from relapsing.

Quizzed on whether he misses drugs, the 52-year-old musician said: ''No. No. I really took that to the ultimate conclusion. The last time I was out doing what we call 'research' I was thoroughly miserable but I couldn't stop myself. This is the curse of being an addict - you do something that's thoroughly unpleasant and you keep doing it. The difference between now and then is I know I'm an addict now..."   Full article

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