Thursday, 9 May 2013

Evangelical Christianity versus Buddhism in Thailand

Will Thai education follow the American example?

From the Huffington Post 

Brian C. Stiller, Global Ambassador for The World Evangelical Alliance, laments the failure of hordes of mega-funded missionaries to convert Buddhists in Thailand to his brand of Christianity...

The Difficulty of Evangelizing in Thailand

"...Speaking with pastors, educators, mission leaders and on-the-ground spiritual inventors, I heard it time after time. I tried to understand the question in context in a land of lush landscape, neighborhoods so remarkably clean and people incredibly respectful and kind. The question is this: After all the people, money and years, why is the Christian mission here so small?"

"...Why is that after over 183 years of evangelical missionary work, an investment of thousands of lives and millions upon millions of dollars, out of a total population of 65 million there are only 370,000 evangelical Christians, one half of one percent?"

"...I heard many reasons. Among them missionaries viewing Thais as unequal to the task of leadership held on to controls within their foreign mission boards.

In this brief dispatch, rather than analyze the past, my interest is in their current vision and plan. I wanted to hear from them their optimism and hope for discipleship and church growth.

The national plan was in part triggered by polling which showed the Thai people didn't find the words "Jesus" and "God" objectionable, an assumption many made on why the slowness of Gospel advance
[sic]. In 2004 the DeMoss Foundation organized the Power for Living campaign which asked the Thais if they found those words offensive. They then invited people to call in to receive a book. Organizers estimated a couple hundred thousand would call. Surprised, some 2.9 million responded."

Why should Buddhists find 'Jesus' objectionable?  Jesus was a Bodhisattva who developed his teachings in Buddhist India.  And why should the word  'God' be objectionable?   According to some views, 'God' is just another word for the Dharmakaya.    

So the slowness of Gospel advance may be due to other factors, for example the need to believe the literal truth of this...

It's likely that in order to make progress, the evangelists will need to launch an attack on the Thai educational system to suppress science, as they have done very successfully in formerly Buddhist South Korea.

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TIP FOR CHRISTIANS  - If some aspects of Buddhist beliefs seem unfamiliar, obscure, or confusing, then bear in mind that Buddhism is a process philosophy.   Difficult aspects of Buddhism often become much clearer when viewed from a process perspective.

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Anonymous said...

Even though those Korean Evangelical missionaries (with the lesser extend to those other evangelical missionaries) starting to convert Thai urban citizens, it is Sangha that starts to raise this issue of alarming trends ... but the real issue is that even the local Thai pastors and missionaries have raised the issue that those Evangelical missionaries, esp those Korean Evangelical missionaries have gone too far to the point that they even go against the norms of Thai protestant communities.

Now, Thai protestant communities start to withdraw the supports to those Korean Evangelical missionaries who have gone too far ... case to point is the case of God the Mother

Another case is Church of God

Even the controversial Dhammakaya raising the issue of Thai workers in Korean being converted

Unknown said...

the thais who're christians are traitors 2 their own thai race, & so must be punished. here's why:

- the concept of the messiah was created in judaism, judaism was created by the jews, the jews believe that the messiah will come directly from heaven in person, not thru the belly & virgina of a human woman, jesus, who was a jew, exploited judaism & declared himself 2b the messiah, but he was born out of the belly & thru the virgina of a human woman, so the jews charged him with & convicted him of blasphemy, & killed him on the cross,

- the jews, who're jesus' people & whom jesus claimed he came 2 "save", have always rejected him, & will in all likelihood always reject him,

- christianism was born out of judaism by the exploitation of judaism by jesus, judaism was created by the jews, the christian god is the same as the judaist god, however the jews always reject jesus,

- jesus is a dead corpse nailed on a cross, as confirmed by the christians of all stripes,

- the christians worship a dead corpse nailed on a cross as their god,

- yeah yeah their god is a dead corpse nailed on a cross!! d'ohh!!

- the symbol of christianism, the cross, is a symbol of death,

- christianism is a religion of death,

- christianism is based on the barbaric ritual of sacrificin' humans & animals 2 the gods, thus it's a barbaric superstition,

- jesus was a cursed condemned man, this was contrary 2 the expectation that the founder of a religion is supposed 2b a blessed man,

- why did god have 2 sacrifice his "only son" 2b killed painfully on the cross b4 he agrees 2 "save" you?? aint he have the power or the willingness 2 "save" you without sacricin' his "only son" 2 die painfully on the cross?? is he that blood-thirsty??

- where did god live & what did he do in the infinite time period b4 he suddenly got bored & "created" the universe only 8,000 years ago??

- the arrival of christianism in europe spelled the death of the greek scientific & mathematical knowledge & philosophical wisdom,

- the christian church blocked the progress of science for 15 centuries, till the renaissance (french 4 "rebirth") in the 16th century when the christian church was separated from the state & the greek knowledge & wisdom were resurrected & used as the foundation 4 further & continuous growth of knowledge & wisdom,

so, why did a handful of thais convert 2 christianism?? bcoz they consider the white race as bein' superior 2 their own thai race. thus they demote their own thai race 2b an inferior race, consequently they're traitors 2 their own thai race, & hence they must be punished. that's why.

buddhists in thailand, wake up & defend your thai national & cultural identity, dignity, & pride. dont let the cheatin' christian missionaries destroy buddhism & your thai culture freely at will without challenge ("cheatin'" bcoz they pose as charities while their ultimate goal is 2 convert the poor/needy). the most effective way 4 defense against the destruction of your thai culture by christianism is 2 attack christianism, which is easy, using the facts i cite above. stop bein' passive!! be active!! fight back!!

Anonymous said...

Riya So, what you have written down here is quite similar to those politicians or even thugs in saffron clothes though ... the ones who actually driven Buddhist laypersons to embrace other faiths such as Islam or lesser extend to those Catholics and Protestants ...

We DO know what the real monks should behave to keep Buddhist laypersons having a faith on them.