Monday, 6 May 2013

Buddhism Bashing by the BBC and English Language Press

By Shenali Waduge in the Daily News

"Buddhism bashing is the favourite pastime of the English language press and their favoured columnists, international news agencies e.g. BBC, and minority led lobby groups – who can’t wait to put a spin to every article against the majority Buddhists. The columns of the daily and week - end newspapers bear witness to it. These new rallies and vigils which are heavily funded by overseas actors show the efforts being taken to reduce the space and territory of the people belonging to the older culture in the Buddhist hinterland and exert enough public opinion and pressure for the government to turn the other cheek and bring in legislation against the majority Buddhists.

These covert schemes have thankfully raised awareness amongst the Sinhala Buddhists who are now no longer prepared to idle and wait on the sidelines.

However, Buddhist protests are construed as hate speech, while the same groups ignore the hate speech well integrated in the religious texts of Abrahamic religions that spur their followers to view Sri Lanka as another trophy to be won like the Maldives, Indonesia and South Korea, all of which countries were once a upon a time Buddhist...
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