Sunday, 30 September 2012

Buddhist Blasphemy Riots

The epidemic of blasphemy rage sweeping the Muslim world is now claiming Buddhist casualties:

From the BBC
"Muslim protesters have attacked Buddhist villages in Bangladesh, after an image said to show a burnt Koran was posted on social network site Facebook.

Witnesses said angry crowds set fire to homes and temples in the Cox's Bazar district, forcing families to flee.

A curfew has been imposed and security forces are patrolling the streets.

The man accused of posting the image is in protective custody. Police say he was tagged in the photo but did not post it himself.

Buddhists in the area, in south-east Bangladesh, said their possessions were stolen before their homes were destroyed.

"Before they set fire to my home, they looted everything," said resident Sumoto Barua.

"They took our possessions, money, gold and even computers. Then they torched the house. I am now living under open sky."

The violence erupted on Saturday and continued into the early hours of Sunday.

Hundreds of protesters are said to have rampaged through Buddhist neighbourhoods, smashing statues, burning down monasteries and attacking houses.

The violence spread to the outskirts of the port city of Chittagong, where a Hindu temple was also attacked."

This area of Bangladesh is close to the border with Burma, which invasive jihadists have crossed in campaigns of rape and murder against Burmese Buddhists.

Previous victims of the recent wave of  jihadist blasphemy rage have included an eleven year old Christian girl in Pakistan who was framed by burned pages of the koran planted on her, and Christopher Stevens, the American ambassador to Libya who was sodomized, tortured and murdered by a howling mob of jihadists in protest at the Mohammed Movie.

Buddhists,even more than Christians and Jews, have always been favorite targets for jihadists, and we can no doubt expect further attacks as the global jihad on Buddhism intensifies. On the same day that the rage riots took place in Bangladesh, another anti-Buddhist attack occured in Thailand.

In the latest development, the powerful petrodollar-funded Organization of Islamic Cooperation is demanding that the United Nations enforce a global ban on criticism of Mohammed and Islam to help reduce the rioting.


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Anonymous said...

"The first thing Islam does is to destroy the self image of the believers. It convinces them that without Islam they are worthless creatures only fit for hellfire. It tells them that their culture is jahelyyah (ignorance) and their ancestral religion was taaghoti (satanic). They are made to despise their identity and selfhood and seek their glory in their submission to Islam and slavery to its deity who was Muhammad’s own alter ego. Islam has taken everything from its wretched believers. They are robbed from their identity and self pride. All they have now is Islam. That is why Islam for Muslims is more than just a religion. It is their identity. When you criticize Islam, they perceive it as an attack on their identity and cringe with pain. They take that not only as an insult but also as an assault on their person. Like a cornered animal they become vicious and fight back with all their might – a fight of survival. That is why you see such a violent reaction to a few silly cartoons.

Why we must continue the campaign of humiliation and ridicule? It’s because we must destroy that false image of Islam to which the Muslims cling for their identity. That idol must be smashed. When that false image is destroyed there would be nothing left to cling to and only then the Muslims will be able to find themselves and recover their lost selfhood. The co-dependant must see that his narcissist, the object of his adoration, is not that great but a fraud, a loser, a clown. This can't be done through logical argumentations alone. By trying to disprove the claims of a fruitcake with philosophical and logical expostulations and remonstrations you give him importance. Muhammad was an idiot, a psychopath, a crackpot. He needs to be laughed at not disproved..." From

So we see how Islam produces a false imputation for the basis of the ego. It's a kind of anti-tantra.

Anonymous said...

Muslim mobs are demanding rewards for their rioting mayhem . In Burma they demands anted to be rewarded with citizenship and political capital after rioting on Burmese villagers on June 8.

After rioting and killed a US politician they received an apology, and want to enforce their blasphemy law in other countries besides Islamic states. In other words, even non-Muslims have to submit to their erroneous blasphemy law.

They are enjoying their rioting spree because instead of doing time for their crime, they are likely to get all kinds of rewards that they asked for.

It appears that right now they are in the process of Islamizing the entire Middle East. Once they are done with Isreal, they will not stop but move to another target.

Bangladesh Muslims are multiplying like rabbits. They are infiltrating bordering countries such as in India and Burma. Wherever they go you will see cleansing of non Muslims to make way for a Muslim state. They have ruled a piece of India before and now they demanded more ( Kashmir) .