Friday, 3 February 2012

Quantum Weirdness.

Over at Rational Buddhism I've been considering the phenomenon of 'Quantum Weirdness', where everyday objective reality breaks down when we examine the tiniest building blocks of matter, with the observer becoming an inextricable part of the system.

Does Quantum Weirdness create the mind out of matter, or does the mind create Quantum Weirdness as part of the process of resolving potential existence into actual reality?

Where does the weirdness come from?  Does it go away at larger scales, or does it just become less obvious?    Why isn't there an infinite regress of ever smaller particles and subparticles?

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sunyavadin said...

Great article. I envy your writing ability and the way you distil complex topics. But I'm afraid qm (and cosmology for that matter) are now ineluctably weird. They're not going to 'figure it out'. We're not going to make a coherent or comprehensible whole out of any of it, anytime before we get to that planet they just discovered 22 light years away. Which is 'never', Star Wars notwithstanding. Time to start concentrating on the kind of things which will save the planet and reduce suffering, I think.