Friday, 27 June 2014

Jihadist destroys Buddhist statues in Tokyo

From the Gateway Pundit by Joe Hoft   

Sudden Jihad Syndrome Japan

"A Saudi graduate student vandalized and destroyed several ancient Buddhas that were designated as important Japanese cultural symbols in downtown Tokyo. One of the statues was 300 years old.

The incident happened around midnight.

The man said he carried out a similar attack at another temple."

NHK reported:

"A Saudi Arabian man has been arrested for vandalizing Buddhist statues at a temple in downtown Tokyo.

Police say they received an emergency call about a foreigner behaved violently at the Sensoji Temple in Asakusa, Taito Ward at around midnight on Wednesday.

They say officers who rushed to the scene found 4 Buddhist statues lying broken on the ground.

Police say they questioned a 31-year-old Saudi Arabian graduate school student nearby, and the man admitted that he had destroyed the statues.

The vandalism involved 3 stone statues measuring 60 to 100 centimeters tall and a 200-centimeter tall bronze one that was made about 300 years ago."            Full article and video 

Destroying Jahiliyya

SJS or Jahiliyya bashing?

Actually, this probably isn't 'Sudden Jihad Syndrome'  as it is commonly understood, but seems to be  premeditated (the jihadist had already vandalised a previous temple), and was most likely motivated by the Islamic religious requirement to destroy Jahiliyya - the symbols and artwork of pre-Islamic civilisations.            

This form of Jihadism is therefore more closely related to the demolition of the Buddhas of Bamiyan, and on a smaller scale, the destruction of the Buddhist Heritage of the Maldives.

What makes this attack unusual is that it seems to be the first time that destruction of Buddhist Jahiliyya has been carried out in Dar al-Harb, it is more usually done to vestiges of Buddhist civilisation remaining in Dar al-Islam.

It seems that the Islamists are getting bolder and more militant in their global jihad against Buddhism and Buddhists.  Museums and other organisations possessing Buddhist artwork may need to review their security, especially in areas with a large population of jihadists.

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Abdul Iblis said...

I heard that the government of japan doesn't allow Mosques to be built. Any Japanese women who marries a muslim man had to migrate to her husband's country.

Anonymous said...

Wrong. There are close to 100 mosques in Japan and a lively and growing Muslim community. Converts are reported at a rate of 5 per month (I can't verify that), and in good Japanese tolerant fashion nobody is harassed or forced out. I met two converts myself who happily live here. ET