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Buddhist Temple Art in Vietnam - Vinh Nghiem

From Vietnamnet  

Views of sacred Buddhist art in Hue Nghiem Temple,  Binh Tan district, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Hue Nghiem

Three-door gate of the institute

Bell Tower

Buddha Shakyamuni

 A Buddha statue at the center of the institute. The statue is 2.3m high, 1.8 tons in weight, standing on a 200-petal lotus. Each petal is carved with Sakyamuni Buddha.

5,400 words from a prayer book are carved and inlaid with gold on the dome above the Buddha statue.

 Statues carved on the stone three-step staircases.

Four Buddha statues on a 2.2m high, 2 ton lotus, with 1,000 petals. Each petal is also carved with Sakyamuni Buddha. 

 If you're wondering about the swastika, don't worry. Buddha wasn't a member of a far-right organization!
The swastika has been a Buddhist auspicious symbol for 2000 years before the Nazis stole it.

Three Buddhas in the main temple

Four directional guardians

Fierce protectors

Gold inlaid prayers on wall

Carved ironwood doors up to...


Details of ironwood door carvings

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- Sean Robsville

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That doesnt look like Maitreya, more like Hotei, though it says Maitreya in the original article.