Sunday, 5 June 2011

Jihad against Buddhists in Thailand intensifies

From Atlas Shrugs

Subject line: Unreported story: Thailand mass migration due to Muslim terror
"Here in Thailand things are so bad that every quarter thousands (most likely tens of thousands) of non-Muslim (primarily Buddhist) Thai citizens in the south are abandoning homes, jobs, businesses, land holdings and generations of work to head for safer northern provinces. Their holdings are sold for a song to local Southern Muslims. This is the plan of the Muslim terrorists of course, and it's working. This forced mass migration of Buddhists and abandonment of property and homes in the south of Thailand is a part of terrorism story that is largely unreported in the local or international press.

I have no government sources to back up the numbers (thousands or tens of thousands) but this is not surprising as the government would not wish to acknowledge the huge demographic change in the south in the last few years as this would be an inconvenient truth (to borrow a phrase). You must also understand how the Thai national character sometimes prevents the telling of inconvenient truths. The abandoned homes and closed businesses tell the story though and any southern resident can recite a long list of friends and family already gone. Everybody wants out but it's difficult to leave assets and generations of attachment to the land and communities.

Yala Province public Thai schools are closed because all the teachers fled last year. All of them. The local Mosque schools are of course fully staffed and operating. The surging terrorist violence is readily apparent on Wikipedia where a fairly complete list of attacks shows that already in 2011 we have experienced 3 times the entire number of attacks for all 2010 but we're not even half way through the year.

The world is not paying attention to the big picture story in Thailand because no one is pulling it all together. The world hears of an attack here or there, but nothing of the overall impact to the country and the southern Buddhists. There is a mass migration and population shift in progress but the story is not being told..."  More 

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The must be some misunderstanding. The Dalai Lama has said "Islam is the religion of the heart and needs to be protected. We should not generalise Islam as something fearful just due to a handful of miscreants. Jehad is not a medium of attack. There is a need to break this false notion as Jehad actually means to conquer the evil within individuals…”