Sunday, 29 May 2011

Offering Crystals on Buddhist Shrines

Buddhist Crystal Offerings
Geodes, crystal wish-granting tree, quartz crystals and amethysts as crystal offerings to the Buddhas (click image to enlarge)

Crystals, with their combined  translucent, reflective and refractive properties are used to symbolise...

Wish granting tree on crystal base with crystal leaves

Wish granting trees are often made from crystals. The facets of the crystals radiate in all directions the fulfillment of the wishes of those wanting to be free from suffering.

Geodes symbolise emptiness.

Medicine Buddha with blue geode

Crystal Healing
Some practitioners include specific crystals for their healing properties within their shrine offerings. Therapists place their healing crystals before the Buddhas to purify them and increase their potency with the Buddhas' blessings.

Quartz Crystal Geode


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