Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Buddhist militancy triggers international concern

by Robert Spencer

"When did you ever see in the Financial Times, or anywhere else in the mainstream media, an article entitled, “Muslim militancy triggers international concern” — unless it was devoted to downplaying that concern or denying that there was anything rightly called “Muslim militancy” at all? When did you ever see in the Financial Times, or in any other mainstream media outlet, a victim of Islamic jihad being quoted saying: “If I could meet those responsible, I would ask: ‘Sir, does your prophet Muhammad teach this?’” When did you ever see in the Financial Times, or anywhere else, an exploration of whether Buddha or Muhammad actually did teach or incite violence?

No violence against any innocent people, Muslim or non-Muslim, is ever justified. This ridiculous piece makes no mention, however, of the fact that all the conflict — in Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Thailand — between Buddhists and Muslims was caused by Muslims attacking Buddhists. The Buddhists responded, and this is what they get. James Crabtree and Michael Peel would apparently have preferred that they surrender quietly to the jihad, and submit to being massacred or enslaved.

If Buddhists were organized like Muslims, we would now start seeing the mainstream media filled with weepy articles about “Buddhismophobia,” and laments that opposition to Buddhist militancy was really just a smoke screen for “racism” and “bigotry,” and that there wasn’t really any Buddhist militancy anyway, as it was actually all just a creation of those Buddhismophobes. But they aren’t, and we won’t..."   Full article


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