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People of Shambhala - documenting Islamic aggression against vulnerable minorities

Many of us will be familiar with Western Judeo-Christian counterjihadist blogs such as Jihad Watch, Atlas Shrugs, Gates of Vienna, Infidel BloggersDebbie Schlussel, and Bare Naked Islam.   These tend to concentrate on Islamic attacks against Christians and Jews, and the problems of creeping Sharia, stealth jihad and infiltration and subversion in Europe and America.

But here's something unusual - a non-Eurocentric blog that reveals the extent of the Islamic persecution of the smaller religions of Asia and the Middle East.

From 'about People of Shambhala'...

"People of Shambhala is dedicated to raising awareness of the discrimination, oppression, and violence suffered on a daily basis by minority religions around the world today, especially under Islamic or Islamist regimes. We  believe that, because of misplaced political correctness, the mainstream media has ignored the plight of minorities such as the Zoroastrians in Iran, the Yezidis in Iraq, the Kalash in Pakistan, Buddhists in Indonesia and Thailand, and others.

Many of these people have been ethnically cleansed, have suffered campaigns of rape and murder, have been burnt out of their homes, or had their temples and holy sites destroyed. We believe it is time to stand up and to raise awareness off the plight of the victims, and to put an end to the terror that faces many minorities today.

The International Civil Liberties Alliance has said that People of Shambhala "shows what is happening with regard to human rights in the non-Western world..."

About our header:

On the header you'll see many different peoples represented, all of which have been the targets of Islamic militancy. From left to right:

1. Three Kalash girls; 2. A Yezidi temple in Iraq; 3. The Hindu Aum, symbol of Creation; 4. A Buddhist monk; 5. the forget me not flower -- a symbol of Freemasonry; 6. A statue f the Buddha; 7. The peacock, the symbol of the Yezidi (sun worshipper) faith; 8. The symbol of the Zoroastrian faith; 9. A female practitioner of Yoga, an Indian system of postures for encouraging health and cultivating spirituality; 10. A Hindu guru; 11. A Buddhist Monk; 12. Zoroastrians standing in front of a painting fo the prophet Zoroaster or Zarathustra."

Buddhist culture eradicated from Dar al-Islam

The mainstream media has largely overlooked, and has even hidden, attacks on minority religious, ethnic, and spiritual groups, such as Buddhists, Hindus, the Kalash in Afghanistan, Baha'is, Zoroastrians and Mandeans in Iran, and other groups represented on this website.  

The reason these stories never come to light in the self-loathing Western media, is probably because they disprove the politically correct dogma that jihadist attacks are the fault of the West, with Islamic hatred of Jews and Christians being a justified response to the Crusades, Colonialism and Zionism.

These jihadists attacks against small and defenseless religious groups, who have never offended Muslims (except by their very existence), show conclusively that Jihadists will carry out genocidal pogroms against ANY non-Muslims when they're strong enough to attack successfully.

Bernard Lewis, renowned historian of Islam and the Middle East, says Islam imposes, without limit of time or space, the duty to subjugate non-Muslims
" is the duty of those who have accepted them [Allah's word and message] to strive unceasingly to convert or at least to subjugate those who have not. This obligation is without limit of time or space. It must continue until the whole world has either accepted the Islamic faith or submitted to the power of the Islamic state.”


Now call me a bigoted old Islamophobe if you like, but I still fail to see why, if the Muslims have got the best product in the spiritual supermarket (as they are always telling us), they need to get so paranoid about the competition.

If you're selling sliced bread, then you don't need to sabotage the bakeries and distribution networks of the crusty loaf producers to market your stuff. Or hire goons to beat up anyone seen returning from their shopping carrying a baguette.

Maybe, behind all the bravado and supremacism, the Muslims don't have much faith in the real sales potential of their product,  if they were ever to let the consumers have a free choice. 
- Sean



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